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.."Tim, I so enjoyed your playing... You give a real lesson in sound, style, rhythm and musicality". - Andy Powell,

"A fine debut album from one who should have done this a long time ago. No matter. He’s on the solo scene now, and you will likely agree that we jazzers are all the better for it." - Ronald Jackson,

"A new name to me, but I'm thinking soon to be famous for many, New York Area guitarist debut recording, 'Big Water Little Boat'."  

"... 'Big Water Little Boat' leaves us with two questions:  Why so late and when is the sequel?" - Hans-Bernd Hulsmann, Smooth Jazz Daily

"Thanks for sending me your Record. It is a lovely record and I enjoyed listening to it very much... and your great guitar style - great, man!" - Ernest Ranglin,

"Indeed, if the first single 'Hurry Home' is anything to go by Tim has taken to contemporary jazz with consummate ease. In a career that has seen him switch from funk to rock, and latin to reggae, it's perhaps here, at the smoother end of the jazz spectrum, that Tim has found his niche."  - Denis Poole,

"Always loved this guy's playing!!! The long-awaited debut CD!! GREAT!!" - Parker Setty

"Absolutely love this album, the first of many I hope for Tim De Huff, a very talented musician whose music is wonderful, and whose talent as a guitarist can now be heard by everyone, so if you want to listen to some very good sounds, buy this cd - now!!!" - Sandi Wells

"New York area guitarist extraordinaire, Tim DeHuff shines brightly on his impressive album debut, BIG WATER LITTLE BOAT. A world class rhythm section, stunning original tunes offering a variety of musical styles ranging from contemporary jazz, funk, and rock to Latin and Reggae, all supporting Tim’s polished, yet edgy guitar solos, guaranteeing an exciting listen experience. Get ready to have your boat rocked!" - Scott O'Brien,

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Read Westport News' article covering the Charlie Karp Memorial Concert at the Levitt Pavilion, July, 2019, featuring Tim here.'s Review of "Big Water Little Boat"

Guitarist Tim DeHuff did a bit of soul-searching before settling down to create this debut release Big Water, Little Boat. What kind of artist did he want to be? In what direction would he take his music? With roots dating back to his years as guitarist with the Main Ingredient to being a part of the funk, blues, and jazz scene with others like the late great George Duke, Lee Ritenour, and David Benoit — just to name a small handful — he decided to use that experience and exposure to brand his style of music in a manner that puts "Big Water, Little Boat" in a big melting pot of C- jazz, rock, blues, funk, and R&B.

DeHuff puts his guitar to work telling his story right from the lead track, a romping high-steppin’ number called “Hurry Home,” which happens to be the first single from the album.  From there, his eclecticism takes many turns as he calls on the Santana-like vibe found in “Y Otra Vez,” turns out the hook-rich, appropriately titled jazzy “Easy Strut,”  the melodically cool and contemporary jazz-friendly “Jam Man” (you can hear some of that Ritenour/Jeff Golub spark on this one),  and the reggae-driven “Dit Da.”

The party doesn’t stop there, however, as the guitarist rocks it out on “Double Talk;” tones it way down on the softly serenading “Touch the Moon (Song for Kathy),” a soulful and romantic groove dedicated to his longtime girlfriend; hammers home the mid-tempo, funky Hammond B3-driven “Dear Ernest;” and finishes off with a solid and smooth bluesy stroll called “Archie’s Way.” 

A fine debut album from one who should have done this a long time ago. No matter. He’s on the solo scene now, and you will likely agree that we jazzers are all the better for it.
– Ronald Jackson

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